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Anatoliy Yena


14 000 Euro for application development

More than 2 000 food frauds exist and People want to know what food manufacturers hide. Most of us aren’t sure what the products we consume consist of. Do you know that coffee consists of potato flour, coffee twigs, acorns, roasted corn, caramel, malt, chicory, leguminous plants? Or that milk includes vegetable oil, whey, buffalo milk protein, melamine, formaldehyde, caustic soda, detergent and cane sugar? We’d like to protect buyers from food frauds, the cases of which, for the past decades, have been increasing: from 1300 cases in 2010 to 2100 cases in 2012. People have the right to know what they are about to eat or to drink.

The key to this problem is in the formula that is on the backside of the package. We want to introduce the new application that is to clarify the situation around the food we consume. We’d like to explain how it works. You come to the store and scan the barcode of any food. Then you get the result based on the ingredients whether it is a healthy or harmful product. Also you may discover how each ingredient impacts on your health. This application provides you with simple search through database for products and ingredients.