Android and iOS Application for Kyiv dwellers and tourists




There is a serious lack of relevant and sorted data concerning various types of social life in Kyiv - cultural, education, art,  entreprenour, social and others.

Our App intergrates features of art and events hub web-sites, where someof information is available but not in user friendly and consuming and concentrated way. All the data with art, culture, ecomonics and so on will be gatherd in real time allowing people to feel free in Kyiv. It could interact with TripAdvisor and help Kyiv to become an open and common-language city with the rest of the world. The feature of such app will also be the possibility of users to create and develop touristic routes, filled with their photos, description and some tips or even legends.  if they are interesting, the others will be using them and rating. They will appear in the TOP list. Such user generated interface could do a good promo for Kyiv and involve creativity.
The other feature will be English services - tickets sales offices, cafes etc. It’s extremely difficult sometimes to buy online ticket even in Ukrainian, not talking about in English.