"KickSocial" - kickstarter for social projects




People & orgs who r trying to collect money (get donations) 4 social projects (like medical treatment for children, donation 4 Ukrainian army, home for the elderly, trying to help homeless pets etc) facing with issue: lack of trust from the society.
They always questioned:
How we can be sure that you will spend money on a “project” that you declare?
Are you really need so much money?

There are a lot of frauds out there.

Site like Kickstarter but only for social projects.
As an applicant
-> you declare how much money you will need for a project.
-> provide needed documentation
-> describe your project & money goals.
As site we
-> establish rules to prevent frauds by
-> checking your project
-> provide constant feedback to your backers on project progress
As backer:
-> You can be sure that all project r checked
-> That you will get constant feedback on project that you backed;