Pillo - A Hotel In Your Pocket

Andriy Venhrynovych



The hotel system is lacking the technology that is necessary to keep up with the increasingly changing world, which is a major problem. With constant lines for check in and enormous amounts of wasted resources, it’s time to push hotels forward technologically. Travelers, especially business men and women, have time sensitive schedules, which can’t be disturbed with unnecessary road blocks when trying to get into their room. Also, employees of hotels are wasting resources by not being updated in their positions and relying on old methods when doing their job. These are just a few of the many problems that need to be solved, and we have a solution that will take care of all of them.

Our application and software, Pillo, will be able to solve this problem of wasted time and resources and push the hotel industry forward and introduce a new, fun and efficient way of staying at a hotel. From the user stand point, a person will be able to book, check-in, pay, order amenities and check-out all from their smartphone or tablet, with almost no contact with hotel employees. The application will then send necessary information and data to the software within the hotel, which allows for communication between the guests/employees and for analysis of the data to further optimize the hotel. Employees of the hotel will also have a specific application for their position. For example, house keeping will be able to keep track of which rooms to clean and notify those staying in the room whether its being cleaned or is clean. Restaurants within the hotel will also be able to receive orders through the application from the guest and deliver food without ever having to pick up a phone. Of course these are just a few examples of the way Pillo will be able to solve the problem. Pillo will revolutionize the way that the hotel system works. It will allow for further growth in the industry by eliminating wasted resources and allowing for a more pleasant stay for guests. In the future, Pillo will be an industry standard that almost all of those staying at the hotel will rely on when traveling.