Anton Frolov



You know the date; you know the place.Somebody made a photo with you. Find yourself, upload and earn

How many times your photos have been deleted just because of ‘not me - no value’ criteria? We all love to take photos of everything we see but most of these photos are being kept as long as we get back from the trips.
Who’s that nice girl on the photo? - Don’t know? - Delete it.

We decided to create a social photo planet - Pholby - with thousand to million of portraits that been not recognized by the authors but have all the chances to succeed.

Because they have to be recognized by the origins in order to bring fun, valuable memories and surprise. And the prizes as well.

The Folby society: it’s a social photo society of registered members with different kinds of interests, divided by geography places and dates.

The global mission of this planet is to instill the wish to take more pictures of unknown people everywhere - in homeland or being abroad - and to find yourself on the pictures been taken everywhere in the world by the society members. And to earn the points for uploading, to win travel benefits from the partners (hotels, restaurants, airlines etc.)